Our Daily Bread Cafe


The Cafe at Green Valley

Our Daily Bread Catering serves delicious, homemade food at every preview & sale day at Green Valley Auctions.

From our very own smoked pork bbq smothered in a tangy sweet sauce with a hint of spice to a mouth watering entrees with sides and homemade bread to scrumptious desserts – we have a huge variety of distinctive foods! Come on out and enjoy a sandwich, a meal or just a snack!

What We Always Have

Nothing at the Cafe is really “The Usual” because everything is made from scratch and menu options are quite numerous & diverse.

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Special for for Mar 5 & 6

The Ides of March Are Almost Upon Us! So in memory of Caesar, we must have a menu packed full of recipes using Caesar Salad Dressing, right?

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Specials for Feb 20 & 21

Well Valentine’s Day has passed; however, this week we have some great desserts and we are trying out a new stir fry recipe and a new side salad.

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Favorite Recipe

Sic supplex ita poena supplex fabricator quam turba formaeque. Nubibus librata descenderat ne fuerat. Totidem possedit aberant.

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Healthy Choices

At every Preview & Auction we offer delicious fruit and vegetable choices.

Delicious Desserts

All of our desserts are made from scratch. Cookies, pies, trifles, cakes… we even make our own pie crusts.

Distinctive Entrees

We love to cook and trying out new recipes makes our job fun! So most auctions will have something new on the menu!